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Sep 4, 2011 8:00am EDT
davidson 40-16 howard eastern michigan game postponed due to weather. >>> pitcher tom malone made his major league debut against the mets let up 4 runs in a 4 and third inning but cracked his first home run on the very firstpitch. >>> ryan zimmerman came up with bases loaded got unto fall in for a hit nats win 8-7. >>> torn acl. bloody noses lots of physical contact this sport is gaining popularity only for the ladies. chip takes us inside the world of roller derby. >> i loved it. whichever >> you don't get this feeling any where else. >> it takes over your life but you love it. >> we are united like a family roller derby saved my soul. >> go go roller derby look at that girl roll. >> roller derby saved my soul >> almost every day of the week you are doing something derby related. >> like a second job. >> we don't get paid but it is >> really cool it is all women. > ♪ [ music ] >> there is a strategy the object is you have a group of women on the track called the pack of blockers. >> you are playing offence and defense. >> two women in the back called the jammers. the object is to get thr
Sep 25, 2011 8:00am EDT
got 14%, he and perry were in michigan when the straw poll went down. room they are was quick to mention perriry. >> we have a different view on all kinds of views, social security,. >> rick santorum was. newt gingrich had 8%, john huntman had two. michele bachmann was dead last in the florida straw poll, just a little over a month after she won the straw poll in iowa. kain's triumph is at the expense of rick perry who will have to think about how to adjust policies while kain needs to capitalize on his victory. >>> if you're still getting used to facebook changes rolled out this week, hang on. the world's number one social network wants to reach further into your life with its new platform, the idea is to allow you to see what your friends are reading, watching and listening to in real time and the profile page time line could be an eye opener. time line says facebook ceo mark zuckerberg is the story of your life, facebook life at least. the profile page will pull all of your old facebook activity from years past out of the archives like a digital scrap book. >> friends that
Search Results 0 to 1 of about 2